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FULL SPECTRUM PACKAGE includes two products you can use to harvest the power of cannabis for your entire body. It includes two full spectrum products:

Both products in the full spectrum package are exceptional for body care and have many positive effects on human body. Completely natural, they are made of best quality cannabis and laboratory tested to provide the best possible quality.


oil is produced from Cannabis Sativa ssp. Sativa extract and cold pressed cannabis seed oil. Extract is made from ecological cannabis, using the process of vacuum destilation (oxygen free), where a wide range of cannabinoids, terpens and flavonoids are preserved. Because of Full Spectrum extraction, DRAGON TEARS CBD oil has an exceptional entourage effect which helps your endocannabinoid system reach the optimal level and positively effects your health and general well being.

Want to know more about how and why CBD oil is used? Read about it in an article here. CBD oil supports our endocannabinoid system and consequently many other body systems from the immune system, to endocrine and internal organs. Maintain your body’s balance with full spectrum of cannabinoids and take care of your health in a natural way. You can learn more about cannabis and its effects on our body on the Dragon Blog.


with full spectrum CANNABIS extract. Natural moisturizing cream which softens your skin, accelerates skin regeneration and protects it from outside effects. ALMOND and OLIVE oil recover your natural glow and keep your skin moist, while JOJOBA oil regenerates the skin, protects it and is completely similar to skins sebum. All these positive DRAGON TOUCH CBD cream effects, make the skin age slower and eliminate various skin problems. DRAGON TOUCH CBD cream is FREE of any etheric oils, alergens or artificial colors.

Want to learn more about the use of CBD cream for skincare? Read about it in the article here. Keep your skin healthy with the use of cannabinoids and you can solve many skin issues. The endocannabinoid system also includes our largest organ, where many cannabinoid receptors are located. These receptors are efficiently affected by cannabinoids from cannabis. Learn more about the endocannabinoid system and why it is the most important system in our body here. You can find more interesting articles on cannabis and its effect on the human body on the Dragon Blog.