Cannabis Tea with Lemon Grass – DRAGON HERB


  • Cannabis tea made from Cannabis Sativa L. flower.
  • Fresh Air Dried
  • Ecological dry lemon grass
  • Net quantity 30 g

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Looking for a delicious and healthful way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis? Look no further than DRAGON HERB’s premium cannabis tea with lemon grass ! Our tea is crafted from the finest flowers of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, hand-picked at the peak of their maturity to ensure the highest possible cannabinoid, flavonoid, mineral, and vitamin content.  Dry lemon grass is mixed with cannabis to bring a pleasant citrus note to your tea. And, because we believe in the importance of purity and sustainability, our tea is pesticide and fertilizer-free.

Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or seeking a natural way to ease anxiety or pain, DRAGON HERB tea is the perfect choice. Each cup is a flavorful and invigorating way to experience the many benefits of cannabis, without the harshness or smoke of traditional methods.

So why wait? Experience the best in DRAGON HERB cannabis tea with lemon grass today. Our products are designed to enhance your health and wellness, and our commitment to sustainability ensures that you can feel good about every sip. Order now and discover the many benefits of cannabis for yourself! And don’t forget to use our keyword “cannabis tea” for SEO optimization when searching for the perfect blend.


Dryed Cannabis Sativa L. bio cannabis flower, dried on fresh air, dry eco lemon grass


Cup of tea preparation: Cover 1 teaspoon of Dragon Herb  with hot water and let is soak from 3 to 7 minutes. For better substance intake, add a small amount of grease to your tea (oil, butter, milk, coconut oil or similar). Cannabis tea is delicious to consume hot or cold.


Store DRAGON HERB in cold and dark area.