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Summer can be a very fun and careless time of the year, however not for our skin. With the start of summer heat and scorching sun our skin is starting to change as well. Due to high temperatures our skin is begging for help. Often various rashes and sunburns can appear due to skin unbalance. Hemp cream can be a very efficient solution to the problem, as it uses the power of cannabinoids to maintain our skin balance.


When our skin is exposed to strong UV rays, our body increases the production of melanin to protect the skin from sunburns. It also results in a darker skin tan. Exposing our bodies to the summer sun can also bring itching, sunburns, rashes, and inflammation due to sun sensitivity of our skin. Can hemp cream help with these problems?

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Additionally, overexposure to the sun derives our skin of its natural oils and moisturizers, which keep the skin soft, strong, and healthy. Our skin can lose its elasticity and cause an increased number of wrinkles, which grow over time.

Moreover, in summertime we are intensively exposed to air conditioning systems, which negatively affect our skin and dry it up. Therefore, our skin is exposed to large changes in temperature. When going indoors, temperature differences can reach up to 20 degrees Celsius compared to outside. This is very stressful for our skin and body.  The right hemp cream product is therefore a must on our summer adventures.


Most common problems of exposing our bodies to the sun can be presented in four groups. Our head is especially vulnerable. Consequently, using a high-quality face cream is that more important.

Loss of Moisture

The first threat to our skin is dryness. Summer heat and sun exposure can quickly deplete our skin moisture and the skin becomes rough, dry, and wrinkly. Natural oils and moisture in our skin, which make her soft, strong, and healthy are depleted due to heat and UV rays. The longer we are exposed to the scorching sun, the more moisture is lost. All uncovered parts of our body are exposed, especially if we are only wearing our bathing suit. Sunburns usually also make our skin very dry.

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Sunburns are probably the most known direct result of sun exposure. Not only are they painful, but repeated sunburns can also be very harmful to our skin. Sunburns dry up the skin, accelerate wrinkling, and reach even deeper, as they can also cause damage to the tissue itself in a form of painful red first-degree burns. It does not have to be very hot to get sunburned. Even in less hotter days during hiking or on cloudy days, UV rays are still very much present. The real, long-term danger of sunburns is skin cancer. Cumulative effect of repeated sunburns is one of the most common reasons for skin cancer.

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Wrinkles and Skin Wear

The combination of summer sun and dry heat can cause a long-term skin wear, which makes the skin even more wrinkly. Exposure to strong sunrays, heat and dry air causes the skin to lose elasticity, which results in dryer and wrinkly skin. As our head is usually the part most exposed to the sun, the sun is the most common reason for face wrinkles.  Consequently, a high-quality face cream is an important element in summer skin care.

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Face and lips damage

While any part of the skin can suffer from overexposure to the sun, the skin on our body, hands, and legs is thicker, more durable, and consequently more resistant to sun and sunburns. On contrary, our face skin and lips are the most vulnerable part. This sensitive skin is usually damaged the easiest  when exposed to the sun and as our face is usually not covered in clothes, the danger is higher on this part of the body.

Before we move to the benefits of hemp cream, we have to first understand how cannabinoids and our endocannabinoid system work.


To understand how hemp cream works, we first have to learn about some facts on cannabinoids and our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Our ECS is a support system to the entire body with the task to maintain balance in our body. With the help of natural cannabis cannabinoids, we can help our ECS efficiently maintain this balance. You can read more about the endocannabinoid system here.


Key to Balanced Skin and Body

Our body produces its own endocannabinoids. However, as cannabinoid receptors, which are spread around our entire body also accept natural Phyto cannabinoids (very similar to endocannabinoids), consumption of natural cannabinoids can be very beneficial for our bodies. Natural cannabinoids are the main ingredient of cannabis, which we can find in various forms. The most famous cannabinoids are CBD and THC, however there are over 144 cannabinoids discovered in cannabis. The most used products to ingest cannabinoids is CBD oil, which can also be applied to our skin. For larger skin areas and additional skin benefits hemp cream can be more suitable.

What are Topical Cannabinoids?

Topical cannabinoids are creams, patches, gels and similar, which include plant, endogen, or synthetic cannabinoids meant for therapeutic use.

  • Topical cannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors in sensory nerve fibers, inflammatory cells, and adnexal structures inside our skin.
  • Cannabinoid binding reduces itching, mitigates pain, transmits cell response to UV rays, slows down the proliferation of epidermal keratinocytes and encourages apoptotic keratinocytes death.
  • It also increases anti-inflammatory effects connected to keratinocytes production of cytokines and immune cell modulation.

In dermatology, topical cannabinoids are being studied to treat itching, inflammatory illnesses, burns, and skin cancer.

Why Hemp Cream and Which One to Choose?

When selecting the right hemp cream you will soon feel the positive effects on your skin. It will moisturize, soften, and calm your skin. It accelerates skin regeneration and protects it from outside effects. With additions of natural oils, it can also give your skin a special glare. Hemp cream can also help with many skin conditions and treats damaged skin.

With the rise of CBD popularity, you can find many different creams which are hard to differentiate. Below we are listing the key guidelines when choosing your hemp cream:

  • The most important part is to check what kind of cannabinoids the product includes (synthetic, isolate, full spectrum…). It is proved that full spectrum products have the best positive effects due to entourage effect. Moreover, it contains very beneficial terpenes and flavonoids.
  • If possible, check how the used cannabis was grown.
  • Make sure the product does not have any toxic elements, which could harm your skin or cause allergies, inflammation, and similar. Hemp cream has to be as natural as possible, as our skin absorbs the cream ingredients, which can also find their way into our blood flow.
  • Avoid etheric oils, allergens, and artificial color additives, which can cause a negative reaction to your skin
  • Make sure the cream is packed in a container in which bacteria have a hard time accessing. In this way high quality is ensured over a longer period.


Entourage Effect for a Better and Most Natural Effects of Cannabis.

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