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Our skin is affected by external conditions throughout the year and especially in the summer time. Using hemp cream for your skin can positively effect your skins health and protection. Especially, if it contains an all natural cannabis extract which has a positive effect on many skin problems.

You can read more about what CBD in hemp is and how it works here.


In every years season we are faced with changes in temperature, humidity, sun rays, and many other factors that heavily impact the health of our skin. At spring ending we are excited show our skin to the sun as summer is getting close, temperatures are rising, sun is getting stronger and summer holiday time is approaching.


With the start of the summertime, temperatures are rapidly increasing, we are hit by strong UV rays and air conditioning season is fully under way. All these factors have a profound effect on our skin, which can become damaged or very sensitive. Lets take a look at 3 main external factors affecting our skin:


Due to heat our body starts to increasingly lose water due to sweating, which can lead to dehidration. This can result in red, dry, sensitive and itchy skin.


Overexposure to the sun can damage our skins function to retain humidity and can lead to skins loss of elasticity, dry skyn and accelerated skin aging. Even if temperatures are not very high, negative effects of overexposure to the sun can be evident on our skin.

AC Devices

With air conditioning devices we cool the air, while also relevantly decreasing rooms humidity level. This affects our skin, which consequently loses humidity. A healthy level of rooms humidity is between 30% and 50%, to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.


CBD is proven to have many positive effects on different skin conditions and helps regain the lost balance in our skin. Furthermore, it is very efficient, when it comes skin burns and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

If hemp cream for your skin contains full spectrum of cannabinoids, positive effects are even greater. You can read more about full spectrum here.

CBD konopljina krema
Hemp cream

CBD can help with a wide range of skin conditions. It covers three areas important for healthy skin:

Oily Skin Regulation:

Overproduction of sebum by your skin can be a large factor when it comes to acne. CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect on sebocytes, which are skin cells that produce sebum.

Anti-Inflammatory Effect on the Skin

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help reduce swelling, pain, red skin and skin irritation. It relieves symptoms of different skin conditions, helps soothe skin reactions and limits the eczema occurence.

Moisturizing and Nourishing the Skin

CBD cream is also efficient in treating chronically dry and sensitive skin, as CBD can help efficiently moisturize dry and dehidrated skin. Additionally, it can help with allergy prone skin.


Prepare your skin for the summer and other seasons with completely natural DRAGON TOUCH CBD cream. It does not contain any etheric oils, allergens or artificial colors and aromas.

It does not contain hemp seed oil or isolate as most of the products on the market, however it is made of true cannabis extract.

Packed in airless tube with double bottom, it prevents unwanted materials and bacteria  to enter. In this way it keeps the cream perfect and also allows for the content to be used optimally.

You can use DRAGON TOUCH CBD cream daily on all parts of your body. It can be used by adults as well as children. You can find it here.

Dragon touch - CBD krema
Dragon Touch CBD hemp cream


All ingredients in DRAGON TOUCH CBD cream are 100% natural, scientifically certified and of highest quality.

Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract

Accelerates skin regeneration, protects it from external factors, softens and calms your skin. CBD in cannabis extract is also a great antioxydant and helps us keep a balanced skin profile.

Almond and Olive Oil

Recover the skins natural glare and moisturize it.

Jojoba Oil

Regenerates the skin and protects it. It is very similar to skins sebum, and consequently reduces the effect of skin aging and helps with treating many skin conditions.

To keep your skin healthy we recommend not to overexpose your skin to direct sunlight. hemp cream does not protect your skin from sunburn. However, in case of sunburn you can effectively nurture your skin with hemp cream.

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27. 05. 2021